Important Notice: Flower Availability for Mother's Day

Due to the High Demand all Flowers have been Reserved & Sold for Shipment the week of Mother's Day May 5th - 12th, We can accept orders for Delivery the following week for delivery May 15, 16 or 17 & beyond

Alika's Big Island Tropica Flower Farms

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Beautiful Hawaiian Plumeria Cuttings

Plumeria is an island favorite for leis and indoor decoration. Lots of blossoms on mature garden trees. Protect from freezing.

Ti Logs

Hawaiian ti leaves are used in many ways, as foliage in flower arrangements, in place of foil for baking fish and at the corners of your house for 'protection.' Instructions for growing on each package. Place these ti "logs" โ€“ the mature stems of plants โ€“ on their sides in planting medium. Soon sprouts and roots form and a sturdy plant results. Red leaves are decorative, green traditional.

Seeds for Hawaiian Tropical Plants

Instructions for growing on each package.

Root and Leaf Cuttings

Instructions for growing on each package.

Plant Starts โ€“ Each in 2-inch Pot

An easier way to begin your tropical garden. Instructions for growing in every package.

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